Sunday, June 15, 2003

sunny day. powderpuff clouds. skin baking lightly after a few steps outside. beachtime! rounded up the kids in the neighborhood and around town, headed out to Horse Neck Beach.
As we crossed into the parking lot, we saw ahead of us an enormous cloud rising from the Earth in all directions, and we looked behind us and the sun had retreated and there was only cloud.
Having driven almost an hour and paid for parking, there was little to do but set up camp in the cloud, on the beach. Twenty feet away, the sea which birthed this cloud was barely visible. We played in the sand, and I learned a game resembling volleyball involving two frisbees. Good times. After collapsing our camp at day-end and exiting the parking lot, the rising cloud disappeared behind us and we were back in the blue skies of sunny day.
A rich weekend. Gardening. Music. Exercise. Learning Spanish. A few little projects. And Shabbat. Ah....