Thursday, November 27, 2003

Who exactly is representing us?
Is it Governor Ehrlich? who pronounced an "End of Discussion" about the issue of gay civil unions?
Or is it Emmett C. Burns, a Democratic delegate from Baltimore County, who is trying to block recognition of gay marriages that occur in other states? He told the Pos "I don't want to live next door to people who have a same-sex relationship and have children and have my children playing with them."
Who is this guy, and how did he become a representative of my state?
I am frankly really confused about why people oppose gay marriage. I just can't see the motivation. Why has the President started special investigations into how to stop gay marraige? Where are all these campaigns coming from? Surely the Bible can't be driving this--there are plenty of ideas, laws, and practices in the Bible that opponents of gay marriage ignore with little thought and a light heart. So what made THIS an issue to fight? With all the suffering and injustice in the world, why would anyone think that their time is best spent making sure that certain people cannot marry each other? I would like to understand how this perspective has managed to emerge, so if you have ideas, definitely enlighten me.

Also, folks should check out Norm Ornstein's Op-ed from the same day on the process surrounding the Medicare vote. It got me all riled.

still, with great thanks, and much hope,
hodu lashem, ki tov.