Sunday, April 01, 2007


I smile now every time I look in my refrigerator. Gone are the sauces, the condiments, the plastic, the cardboard packages and small bags and so many molded and printed petroleum based containers. In my refrigerator, I see the earth's fruit, purple, white, green, golden red, orange. Unclothed and unlabeled, free of pesticides, they somehow managed to make it from the ground into my refrigerator without interference. A solitary piece of simple recycled cardboard sits beside these roots, cradling 12 perfect white orbs, the gifts of chickens who have never seen a cage.

I turn to my cupboard, and find another joyously simple sight. Quinoa. Honey. Extra virgin olive oil. Four varieties of nuts. A single can of tomato sauce sits lonely in the corner, a little
safety net in this new adventure.

This, is how I want to eat. Praise G!d, who gives us the gift of Pesach.