Sunday, November 18, 2001

Ari emerges, revived, living as he had set out to live in September

Before, that is, he ran face forward in to a
and shattered into a million pieces. Now feeling quite together, I can throw myself into life no holds. This weekend has been spectacular. Community Shabbat--Friday night services/free dinner--of couse did not/could not fail to uplift. Kabbalat shabbat is consistently one of the finest hours of my week. Ian Gray and Jared--neither Jewish, escorted me to Orthodox services this week, plunging full force into a service entirely foreign in language, practice, and content. I live best here when inspired by such adventurous spirits.
I skipped out after dinner, down the hill, with many of the brownies I made love to last year and have not loved enough this year, to see George Clinton and his glorious Parliament Funkadelic. I won't even venture to describe. I will only say over four hours of intensely involving performance--which continued after the club turned the lights on, after the club turned the power off--lef me thoroughly spent, staggering, unable to speak, barely able to make the climb up college hill. Saturday night saw a play on the Middle East conflict with Ariana. The play reminded me of the importance and immense difficulty of dialogue, especially as many of liberal-minded tend to dangerously equate humanitarian ideals with the Palestinean cause (an equation that, at best, fails to take into account the complexity of the variables). After Ariana departed, I turned in early, put to sleep by Hilary, who read me the first chapter of The BFG. I woke up at 3:40, Alex found me, we roused chris and co., to go see the great battle: Earth's Atmosphere vs. Huge Space Rocks. We watched, frozen to the roof of Arnold Lab, cold enough to evoke some ridiculous jealousy for the burning space rocks. Back home. Defrost under covers. Excessive sleep. Get busy livin.

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