Tuesday, December 04, 2001

It began with a murdered tree, lying uprooted beside its sidewalk-square sized home near the pizza place/mafia front accross the street from my dorm. Only one thing could be done in response to this tragic death, and the idea came immediately into my head.
To mark the cremation, musical performers, fire tenders, and drunken dancers were gathered, and an extensive ceremony commenced, only to be ended prematurely just short of 5 hours later by the Brown police.
Five times I have no body temperature. Not a low body temperature. Not even a corpse-level body temperature. None. The nurse at the blood drive reacted first with bewilderment, and after repeated trials, brought in her supervisor, who embarked upon a double-blind study of thermometer efficacy, measuring her and my temperature simultaniously with randomly chosen thermometers. Thermometers seemed to work on everyone but me. Still nothing. Heated debate ensued. Should Ari be able to give blood if his ability to maintain a body temperature--any body temperature--cannot be demonstrated? At this point, as I often do, I began to get impatient with the process, persuaded the nurses to feel the heat radiating from my body and understand that I did in fact retain measurable heat in my body. They were eventually persuaded, and my contribution accepted, with mystery left unsolved.

I spent much of the day talking to good people, which was smack-in-the-face refreshing after Sunday's 15 hour non-stop homebound work marathon. Exit the head, circulate in the bloodstream, feel the pulse.