Thursday, January 31, 2002

for eleven days, i've abandoned the blog. i can't say that my neglect was intentional and deliberate. i've thrown myself so completely into handling my life here--in a productive and unstressed way--that i've been completely immersed. but to what effect? what now for my blog? ester once told me that attention spans on the net are paper-thin. then:
for eleven days, i've abandoned any readers i once had. for eleven days i walked off stage, and eventually people stopped waiting for an encore. for eleven days, in psuedoKurtzian fashion, i've kicked my blog loose of the earth. for eleven days my blog has journeyed, eventually settling on a distant and deserted planet.
on this distant and deserted planet i will meditate in solitude, throw my words out into the cosmos, allow their echoes to diffuse into oblivion. in the face of this diffusion i will strive to keep my visits steady and constant, to continually supply the atmosphere of words that sustains me on this distant planet.
occassionally, perhaps, i will entertain a visitor, a wayward wanderer of outer solar systems, a tireless explorer adventuring out or a lost soul flailing in the dark.
i will welcome them but i will not anticipate their arrival. i sit and meditate alone. my thoughts will be my gravity and my words will be my atmosphere.