Tuesday, January 01, 2002

a strange dance of an evening. not sure i had the rhythm for it. Jackie has promised to help me with my rhythm. glorious cooking with ben bregman and jackie at ben's house. so much falafel that it began to ooze through our pores by meal-end, and enough stuffed grapeleaves as would be worthy of sitting on Sareet's shabbat dinner table. thoroughly sated, out to brett's and then ilana's. much of the evening i felt like getting a running strart and crashing full force into people, as part of some ludicrous attempt to reverse in a physical sense the untouchable distance that seems to have been induced by college. so many people i desire to reconnect with, a task whose complexity is far beyond what goes into a dive-tackle. last night remained mainly non-contact, but it made me happy just to see people i love again. hope to make the best of a few weeks at home. avi and dan should bust back into town any second.