Friday, December 28, 2001

UP AGAINST THE WALL! DO IT! DO IT NOW! ok, so the ushers weren't quite that pushy, but Dr. Cook, (yes, Dr. Cook) who also happened to be there and who gave us a ride to friendship heights after the show, told us we missed a speech where the ushers issued various ultimatums and threatened to therow the whole lot of the standing-room folk out of the theater should they be not heeded. Of course we were late, so we missed the usher's speech, but she made her position clear in the way she took our tickets. Hamlet...i'm not even going to venture to comment on the play itself, which just gets better and better as I encounter it more...excellently staged, but with thoroughly overbearing music. Almost as if the theater were showing off it's impressive new sound system. Chillin with Alina, Johns, and Julia at Silver Diner until the waitress took away our salt and pepper shakers. mmm. I think shabbos in New Jersey. Somehow it feels rather unplanned and impulsive, even though I've been considering it for a few weeks. SHABBAT SHALOM LEKULAM.