Thursday, December 27, 2001

Here are the


comparisons my hair has evoked since I began growing it, back in September of '00

1. Prince Charming. Courtesy of Ester this evening. What a sugar-baby she is. I haven't been compared to Prince Charming since I was four years old.
2. Bob Dylan -- this was my former roomate's first semester girl-friend Audrey, who sipped whiskey like a professional and gave me my first cello lessons.
3. A Muppet. This from Sareet, who keeps me spiritual at Brown, and might even cook me Shabbos dinner in New Jersey this weekend. This one would be higher on the list, but she couldn't determine which Muppet, and as a huge Muppet fan, I was dissappointed.
4. Slugs. "Wait JUST A SECOND here!" you protest. "Slugs don't have hair!" Indeed they don't. I believe my current roomate's girlfriend Elaine was comparing each of my curls to slugs--"beautiful slugs" she was quick to add, with much emphasis.
5. Shirley Temple --I'm not sure who delivered this, but, well, I've always wanted to have an alcoholic beverage named after me.

NOT FEATURED ON THE LIST: sideshow bob, which I have gotten repeatedly. as much as I revel at being compared to the evil genius of the Simpsons-world, I just don't think my hair is that cool.