Tuesday, December 25, 2001

I almost broke into tears when the philosopher said farewell to his coat.

La Boheme was great. It was my brother's first opera--we stood together in the back at little red velvet podiums that displayed subtitles as the opera progressed. He enjoyed it too--a lot more than he thought he would. I love the Italian language, my mouth just seems to enjoy making all the sounds a lot more than it enjoyed those funky French vowels...I was actually able to follow most of the Italian in the opera /|_|\ having the English translation for guidance was crucial though, given how difficult it is to make out operetic articulation in any language. Maybe I just really disliked Cabaret because I had few qualms standing in the silent darkness for three hours at La Boheme.

Now home, back from New York. Looking forward to seeing good people. Oh so wonderlificous to be with my brother this weekend for some extended period of time. --we had good open conversations about our lives. Quality time with the folks as well, and with Jordan "Nietzche" Bleicher and Rebecca "Mango" Rindler. New York is beautiful in the winter.