Tuesday, December 18, 2001


FINALS: dominated
HOME: Where I am headed, some time tomorrow, with three good Jewish boys: Lev Nelson (T-NECK), Zach Teutsch (PHIL-E) and Max Levine (MD). The car will be OH-SO-PACKED. I am not sure if my bass equipment will fit, we'll have to see. I really have no clue how much my car can hold. For all those interested, the waiting list for a spot in my car, should room miraculously emerge, goes in order of request:
#1 Jackie's Textbook Bag (MD)
#2 Deborah Lapidus (VA)
#3 Mike Rozensher (NY)

EMBARASSMENT: Handed in an intense final paper for my seminar in the teaching of writing--CHOCK FULL of typos. Drenched by repeatedly crashing waves of nausea when my professor gave the paper back during our final conference, I could do little other than apologize and wander out with my tail between my legs. Really pisses me off. It could have been an excellent paper.

I MIGHT HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING: suspicion triggered by post-finals, sleepless, semi-euphoric state, yet to be confirmed.

Even though I've been done with finals for over a day now, I still feel thoroughly fucked up. I might need a while to recuperate. Or maybe just one decent night of sleep. That still hasn't happened.

a bird came down the walk
he did not know I saw