Monday, December 10, 2001


Hillel Channukah party was packed; it kicked ass. Enjoyed homey feelings and good Jew-ness. Today was a day of much chem. I might have even learned something in that class this semester. The concepts are so cool, even if the format of the class is beyond tedious. So unfortunate chem is treated as a "weeding out" class and not a "cultivating-in" class.

This semester has been a social failure.
It would be ridiculous to let that depress me, wouldn't it? Yes ridiculous. But no doubt a failure. So many degenerated relationships. What is that KEvin? It's never too late to get it back? perhaps.
Realization of the day, new to me but doubtless old to most others: Sublime's "What I Got"=excellent rip-off of Beatles' "Lady Madonna"

Question of the day: Which governments paid the Beatles to write revolution?