Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Days and days of continuous studying may have rendered me totally delirious, but I think I am enjoying studying for this final. During the semester the material was explained way too poorly for me to get much out of it. The 10th or so time through, this material begins to seem coherent, and I can start putting the pieces together. Ate ridiculously today--so ridiculously, in fact, that my entire body aches. You don't even want to know the combinations of foods I put into my system today.
Or maybe you do...
You sick bastards. I'm not telling.

I keep making modifications to the setup of my room to maximize space. This effort makes absolutely no sense considering the fact that I live in a room by myself that is twice the size of a typical double, with an attached dining room and kitchen. Every day I seem to find some way to use space better and make the room bigger. Perhaps I am planning to start a commune in my room, and have been making preparations. Hm. Happy third night.