Tuesday, December 11, 2001

I live on the corner of Thayer and Meeting streets. I will not even venture into a discussion of Thayer--books could be written on the complex dynamics of Thayer street culture. But I would like to bring to light some peculiar facts about meeting street.

Viva Via IV
is the only pizza place I know whose name suggests that it is a sequel.
It is also the only pizza place I know that has a Providence Police car parked accross the street from it late night every night.
Definitely the only pizza place I know of with a bouncer after hours,
and what looks like a large abandoned factory attached to the back of it.
And now that I think of it, what ever happened to Via Via I, II, and III?
Perhaps most importantly, the only pizza place I know of that dares to put eggplant, spinach, and feta cheese on one pizza. Worth a try, but step delicately so as not to upset the owners.

EXHIBIT B: Brown's Biomedical Center. Enormous. The side that faces me looks perfectly normal considering it's size, but on the other side, well.....
There are walls that must extend several hundred feet in the air with ABSOLUTELY no windows to be seen. The only break in the enormous brick wall structure is a set of forty foot tall garage doors, which never open. What could possibly be entering the Biomed Center that is 40 feet tall? Ask the owners of Via Via IV if you dare.