Thursday, December 20, 2001


sigh. wow. what a ride. in a feat nothing short of miraculous, we fit 4 people, 6 bags, my bass, and my bass amp into the lil' ol' Camry '88, and busted it through Providence, New York, Philly, Baltimore, and DC. Drove more in one trip today than I've ever driven before in my life. And oh goodness, such moments

Lev trying to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on my laptop, thoroughly disconcerted that the timing of visual and audio--which I managed to rig to play through the car stereo--was so drastically off. Zach sitting beside me up front trying to engage Lev in a discussion of economics. Max, who earlier had announced he had not slept for several nights, passed out in the back, oblivious entirely to the blaring Indiana Jones theme.

listening to me first and the gimme-gimme's cover the night away with max and watching the growing crescent moon turn white to orange to red and seem to burn up in the phill-e sky.

this is going to be an interesting break, no doubt. I have my research project, but my partner in crime Dr. Swerdlow left abruptly for Indonesia today,
giving me the machete and inviting me to clear the new path
friends oh
friends and family I go
back to NYC to see my brother this weekend.
much to learn much to read
i must ring the dusty bells of neglected muscles
and break in the newly tuned-pianos.
way too horny for my own good.

||||||||||||||We'll mix good things in the soup and see what rises.||||||||||||||||||||