Friday, December 21, 2001

nomi's bold assertion of the night, before she later qualified it:

All of medicine, and science too, is bullshit.

This coming from a physics major.
I have much love and respect for science and medicine, but do question the absolute and superior sense of authority that the scientific aura evokes. The more I learn in these fields, the more they instill in me a sense of awe for the world around me. But I reject the proposition that what science brings to the table is the real deal, somehow tangible and indisputable in its representation of reality. Step into a science course of any level, or pick up a scientific text of any kind, and you are immediately placed in an idealized situation: fiction takes on a new form, with different rules and a new language. But science is fiction no less; it cannot make a more genuine claim to representing reality than a work of great art or literature, a historical or philosophical treatise.
Enough of reducing everything to everything for tonight. Sleepytime.