Tuesday, February 05, 2002

primus. first listen. undecided.
verdict: worth a second listen.
so much busyness. hope i'm learning stuff. suspect i am but have not really taken time to slow down and take stock of what i've been learning. things are happening quickly. i'm happening quickly with things, in a way that i feel pretty good about so far. i worry about burning out but do not feel burnt out yet.
logistical frustrations insulate my moments of elation excitement and revelation.
gave blood today. pretty unequivocally good thing to do. a thoroughly safe good deed. no gray area that i can think of. Nathalia took my blood and we were both pretty happy about the situation.
when i finally got back to my room i thought i had been robbed.
this thought did not arrive because i noticed anything missing immediately.
this thought did arrive because
my comforter was mussed.
this mussiness would usually be expected, except that I cleaned my room and meticulously made my bed before leaving the room.
i took quick inventory of the most valuable and visible things in my room: laptop, amplifiers, bass, discman, stereo,
decided nothing had been taken.
realized i had a roomate.
realized my roomate had finally returned to visit the room in my absence for the first time since Thursday.
realized that I'm getting used to having a single, even if it is not my ideal living situation.