Monday, March 25, 2002

I sit drowsily amazed at my evening. How is it possible for me to feel so platonically comfortable with Alex, who insists upon infusing all her relationships with a steady stream of sexual tension? I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised: reasons beget reasons beget reasons why we should be good friends, why I will definitely lament her absence from my life next year, when I will live in Slater Hall on the Main Green and she will live in Ecuador.

I would like to amend/append a point made in an earlier entry. Upon closer reflection, my speculation that it is impossible to hold two ideas simultaneously now seems not entirely correct. Certainly there seem to be multifareous ways for any of us to direct our attention. I remember finding it peculiar that people had conversations while they were driving, with their passengers or on a cell. How could anyone be paying attention both to the driving and the conversation? My use of "idea" as a simply and easily definable concept runs into serious problems here. As if there were really some uniform object of the the mind when the mind is thinking, and the changes in that object marked time. The brain clearly cannot be understood as a passive vessel, or even a simply understandable machine.

In order to recognize faces, we need to be able to see a person and know them without having to first know how their nose hooks, how many centimeters apart their eyes lie, what angle their chin subtends to the lobes of their ears--all details of knowledge an artist would have to know to render an accurately resembling picture of that person's face.

I'm not quite sure where I am going with all of this, and I am exhausted, but I feel like I should keep going a little more.

what is scary about the dark? some part of the fear seems to arise from obvious reasons: I depend heavily on my eyes to know the world, and when my eyes are rendered impotent in dark settings if feel vulnerable and helpless. But I think there is more to it. I bet there is built in circuitry that reinfores a darkness-fear association, perhaps an evolutionary vestige testifying to the ancient importance of having increased awareness of dangers one cannot see at night.
Uch. I'm violating one of the top 10 rules of kindergarden. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anthing at all. Clearly I am spouting for the sake of spouting for the for for the for for forthe forthe sake of spouting. I have nothing to say but it's ok. I have no idea what has made me so deleriously tired. Clearly the canoli alex and I shared at fino was laced--how would I know? It was the first canoli I had ever eaten.
Laced or not, it was delicious.