Monday, March 11, 2002

her toothbrush and toothpaste sit in my bathrobe pocket.

my bathrobe pocket!

for how long will they take up residence?

her down comforter embraces my bed.

my bed!

for how long?

why should i care to look down the road anyway? what lies for me there will inevitably come visit me on its own accord. No sense pining after it, vexing over what it will be wearing when it shows up at my doorway. no, i'll take to the ground that bears me up by the soles of my feet. sift some gravel between my toes. bounce and pivot about my heel. take a bold, i don't think, no not in a direction. bold because it is a directionless step. a step embracing itself, embracing its own movement, its movement part of a journey that knows no path, and that seeks no destination and therefore holds no direction.
step boldly for all its own worth.