Tuesday, May 28, 2002

skeletor222: i was really restless the first couple of days i got here
skeletor222: still sort of am
skeletor222: i could only relax by writing something
skeletor222: or running
skeletor222: or having completed some kind of physical exhurtion
skeletor222: it's odd
serendipitynow: ive been playing a lot mroe music
serendipitynow: i think it is an outlet of my sexual energy.
skeletor222: exactly
skeletor222: it's probably the same for me
skeletor222: so strange
skeletor222: fucking hormones
skeletor222: i can't wait for the day when i'm just me...chemicals aside
serendipitynow: LOL
serendipitynow: chemicals aside
serendipitynow: chemicals aside
serendipitynow: where would you be?
skeletor222: i don't know
skeletor222: it makes you wonder
skeletor222: are we our hormones?
skeletor222: is our very existence
skeletor222: out success at school
skeletor222: our skill at art
skeletor222: all for the sake of satisfying chemicals
skeletor222: it may be a hard fact to face
serendipitynow: ha! why?
serendipitynow: chemicals
serendipitynow: tie us to the paintbrush
serendipitynow: to the paint
serendipitynow: to the canvas
serendipitynow: to the air between the eye and the canvas
skeletor222: but i want a higher truth
serendipitynow: to the legs of the eisle
serendipitynow: to the ground it stands on
serendipitynow: to the ground you stand on
serendipitynow: chemicals
skeletor222: don't say it's all for hormones
serendipitynow: homrones are only a very specific kind of chemical
skeletor222: there's another argument...
serendipitynow: just one important permutatatatation
skeletor222: expressions of higher truths
serendipitynow: are we who we are if we start taking parts of us away?
serendipitynow: clipping are toenails?
serendipitynow: cutting our hair?
serendipitynow: shedding skin cells?
serendipitynow: getting hormone treatments
serendipitynow: ?
skeletor222: have you seen "that man who wasn' there"
serendipitynow: taking antibiotics?
serendipitynow: no
skeletor222: exactly...hormone treatments...that's the real issue
serendipitynow: there's an article in the economist that might interest you
skeletor222: it's a good movie...recent..in black and white...about a barber
skeletor222: website
skeletor222: ?
skeletor222: billy bob thorton is in it
serendipitynow: magazine. i think our hormones are a weighable part of our identity just like our fingernails and our pulse
skeletor222: ah...article is not on the web?
serendipitynow: notsure
skeletor222: hmph
skeletor222: the world should be on the net
skeletor222: winds and currents should be encoded somehow
skeletor222: the migrations of birds...drifts of sand...what a doormouse thinks in the moments before the metal wire snaps over his neck with the piece of cheese it his mouth
skeletor222: all of it
serendipitynow: the net is finite
serendipitynow: the world is infinite
serendipitynow: but i think we shouldn't hesitate
serendipitynow: no
serendipitynow: we must make haste
skeletor222: it's asymptotic thing...we must try
skeletor222: always striving
skeletor222: but never reach our goal
serendipitynow: unless the goal is trying
serendipitynow: in which case we are always reaching our goal
skeletor222: well that's being optomistic...i've been steeped in cynisism
skeletor222: but it's the same thing in a kinder light
serendipitynow: i'm going to hop on my bike and head home in a moment
serendipitynow: this has been an enlightening converssation
serendipitynow: can i post some of it?
skeletor222: of course
serendipitynow: in the interest of getting another little piece of the world on the net
serendipitynow: :-)
skeletor222: ha...exactly...this is all part of my plan to document everything
skeletor222: EVERYTHING
skeletor222: HAHAHA