Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I'm not quite sure how things could get better than this semester. This doesn't particularly make sense--it was supposed to be my shit semester. Honestly. I'm taking the biology of ion channels (which I couldn't have been less interested in, but which turned out to be pretty cool. The people who teach it LOVE ion channels. LOVE'em. With a passion. the people are beautiful. their love is beautiful, ergo, the ion channels are beautiful.) and organic chemistry (feared pre-med land of stress, melodrama, and penultimate irrelevence, ended up stretching my mind and exposing me to one of the best teachers I've ever encountered.) I could continue listing my blessings (morgan! friends! first professional publication! indy! blah blah blah huzzah!) into all oblivion. I'm working on my metaphysical flexibility so that I can rap my arms around all of them.