Thursday, April 18, 2002

tonight marks the trial run of the all-night tenures in the conmag office for indy production that will be my wednesdaynightthursdaymornings all next semester. Tis 418 and all is quiet, except the soft wailing of portishead in the background.
my brother is coming for spring weekend. i'm really excited to see him and spend time with him. i think it will be interesting for him to meet my friends (do I have friends? I don't remember. Perhaps not. Perhaps I do, and they're just not usually around at 421 in the morning on Thursdays in April). I have been describing my brother to people as a buffer, more attractive version of me...although I can't say why that is how I have chosen to describe him.
What is required for a "relationship"? I don't talk to my brother on a regular basis, nor do I see him on a regular basis. Yet I feel an inalienable and perhaps even growing closeness to him whenever I am with him. I somehow feel like that connection doesn't fade during our separation from each other, even though we usually have no contact or correspondence during that time.