Wednesday, June 26, 2002

does anybody remember the day of their birth?

I can thinking of nothing as dramatic as coming out of somebody else's body and coming into the world of cars, bars, and independent breathing; Such an event should take such indelible hold on the memory that no force of time could unfix it. Yet nobody seems to remember being born. The first gasp of breath. The moment YOU first emerge,
I mean, it is pretty near impossible for me to fathom a time when I didn't exist, if I think about it hard enough, trace my life back through all the events therein to the day of my birth, twenty years ago this day, and then--NOTHING. Absurd.
I'd imagine if babies had any idea what was going on, they would be highly bewildered by suddenly coming into existence.
Whatever this is, as opposed to whatever was before this, has blessed me far beyond anything I can express in the currencies of gratitude.
I am 20, and I thank everyone and everything.