Monday, July 22, 2002

time is limited, so I will keep ruminations to a minimum, and instead provide the basics, which can be digested with a single stomach.
Past week= amazing. Absolutely amazing. Several days with Morgan. Beach. Boston (IMAX=Kilamanjaro=I want to climb a mountain. Now.) Shabbat in New York with Ethan. Carlebach Shabbat shacharit. I cried. Several times. Afternoon in central park. Long run. Trivial Pursuit on the great lawn. Picked up Lucas after shabbat, drove out to his farm on long island. Beach.

Basically lots and lots of doing nothing in particular. I am thoroughly out of practice, and was worried about how I would perform at being on vacation, but so far I am 'not doing' marvellously.
I will attempt to chronicle my times in Italy on paper, because I do not think I will have adequate internet access to keep up with everything on line (I am at Josh Sunshine's grandparents' house, preparing to hop on a red-eye to Brussels tonight). Happy Birthday to my mother. Happy Birthday to Ester. To all who might happen upon this entry who I could not see before I left on my journey: I love you, and I will make my glorious return August 8th.

I'll find my way back to this distant planet soon enough.