Friday, September 27, 2002

Syntaesthesia rules. It confounds reason, and we scarcely notice. We feel a match between two fingers and a matchbook resting in our palm. We see fingers, palm, matchbook, match, matchbook--all in order with what our touching hands tell us. Lighting a match. The flame appears to sit and dance about the matchhead. Simultaneously, we hear a faint sound. From where in the visual/somatosensory scene, fused by our sense of touch and sight, does this sound emenate? Does it emenate from that scene at all?
Hume claims that no cause and effect connection has an ultimately reasonable foundation. He looks into the central sanctum of reason and finds--habit. How much the more so should we suspect ourselves for claiming connections between sights and sounds upon the pedastol of reason.
We understand the world in fused sensory scenes. We recognize no other world.
I spent the summer peaking inside people's brains and asking how and why. My mentor continues the quest.