Sunday, December 22, 2002

Somehow, in Friday's storm, I became soluble. I dissolved. From all sides.
This has never happened to me before--
if I have dissolved before,
the memory of the trauma dissolved with me,
leaving me
to congeal myself without it later.
What disappeared me into a solution of confusion
frustration, shattered confidence, general dispair?
A frantic rush through barely drivable downpour
up 95 to beat the sunset--
which I didn't manage to do.
But mainly some looming B's
Yeah, that's right. B's
How pitiful.
I am a weak, weak soul.
Shabbat came and went and I slowly congealed.
I was solid in time to give my brother a hug.

Once I could easily overleap the soluble phase,
sublimate and float above such meager regional storms.
"I've driven in blizzards and ice storms" I told my friend Karra as we plowed our way through a half-flooded 195North to Brookline, Shabbat creeping up on our left. "But never anything quite this bad."