Monday, January 27, 2003

At home now, in my tropically-radiated box in Brownland.
With my room pushing 75 degrees,
my freshly-shorn and quite naked head is happy, the light brillo shielded from bold smack-down Providence wind.
My hair, a lazy little animal, squats in a balled-up pony-tail in a ziplock on my desk.
I hope I have time to mail it out tomorrow. It kind of freaks me out, staring at me from behind my computer monitor.
With laptop in permanent hibernation, I find myself racing lightfooted (without weight of hair and computer) but disorganized and slightly frantic, from class to class to class to class to class to class to class to class (yes right now there are 8, by Tuesday only 4 will survive. It's the inspiration for a new reality TV series on the WB).
The disorganization has not lessened my excitement. 8 great courses. How lucky I am spend my time on choices between good and better.
Last night I saw my first snowy beach. As an odd sort of impromptu birthday present, I kidnapped Lucas at superbowl halftime and drove him to horseneck beach in massachussettes. The purple glow of Providence, reflecting off the sky reflecting off the water, provided pollution-illumination for our path.