Tuesday, March 18, 2003

it's over.
we've been together a long time
but it just isn't working out.
this isn't healthy anymore.
i am going to have to end my relationship with you
all of you
all billions upon billions of you.
wide-spread death will be visited upon you indiscriminately
because as a community, you have failed me

this is a relationship
so I must have failed you too.
but I seem incapable of changing me
and I am barely aware of who you are
so i condemn you to the plague of
tablet-sized carpet bombs for all my legions of bacteria
I have no fine-tuned laser-guided weapons to single out the key perpetrators
no, to get at the virulent ones i will have to take down billions of innocent civilians.
and then begin a new community within
aided by the agents of
Stonyfield and Dannon
Hoping I can rebuild new civilizations
more stable and healthy than before

How much is life worth,
when it's one-celled?