Tuesday, February 25, 2003

skeletor222: it came like a flood of burning ferrets over a grassy plain. Three time! RING! RING! RING! Stricken with horror i realize it could only be one thing. THE PHONE. it was calling me from the other room like an old woman offering candy to a baby...the old woman with death in her eyes. RING! RING! the contraption whined again. I could not resist its seductive tones. I sprang from my desk and ran into the ajoining room. I clutched the bone white handset, pausing just long enough for one last thrusting RING, then lifted it like a pistol to my temple. "hello" i whispered through clinched teeth, my eyes bolt shut in fear, usnsure what manner of terrror had assembled at the other end of the line. The hand set rattled in my sweaty palm. I think i heard i heard a mouse scratching in the wall. Or was the sound coming from the phone. What awful thing could make this sound. "Hi this is morgan"

skeletor222: My heart rushed and for a brief moment a spark of hope illuminated my spirit, but it was terminated by the darkness of a night so bleak and void of any compasion or humanity as I have not seen before.


skeletor222: what creature was this that could form the very vocal tones of one so familiar and trusted by me

skeletor222: "Can you tell ari to give me a call"

skeletor222: how fiendish to ask my assistance in the task which was certainly none other than to deliver my own friend to
clutches of certain doom!

skeletor222: and to do so in the guise of one he loved!

skeletor222: oh sweet sauce!

skeletor222: how i moaned

skeletor222: "hello"...the sweet voice chimed once more.

skeletor222: "BE GONE FOUL TEMPTRESS" i screemed...or wanted to screem. but no air would escape my lungs

skeletor222: a paralysis had taken my body. there was nothing i could do but sumbit to the requests of the voice

skeletor222: "yes...yes." i murmered from beneath my submission.

skeletor222: "i will tell him"