Monday, February 03, 2003

Now raise your arms up and out, following your thumbs with your eyes. Roll your stomach up and in, open your buttocks. Lower your hips, push your pelvis out.
Now release.
Do you feel that?
Something beyond yourself? Beyond your mind and body? Beyond your senses?
A neuroscientist would call it the exchange of sodium and potassium and chloride
The Chinese would call it Chi
That life force
And here we will learn to concentrate that force
Like ET's finger

My first yoga experience has left me feeling light. Clear-headed. Alert. Relaxed.
Low pressure environment--"You can put your knees down any time. Do only what you are ready to do. This, too, is practice"--intense enough that I know I'll be sore tomorrow. Focus on breathing, stretching, and lower-body strength. The instructor drew in his breath and moved it about much like a martial artist might move his stick. When he spoke, I could hear him do this meditative dance with his breath, his voice moving through it.
His diverse referencing to light science and light Hindu philosophy emerged amusing and ludicrous and invested with the best intentions of instilling comfort and confidence.
No disciple am I, but I will go back.