Thursday, April 10, 2003

I have never really attempted to blog immediately after waking up.
Still generally glowing from my mountain adventure, I can already see the shabbat queen on the horizon.
Silly things yank at me.

Where is the graphing calculator I borrowed from my friend last semester?
How can summer remain such a distant and elusive mystery in April?
Should I TA Neuro 1 or try out for the orchestra?
Should I register to learn Proust, Joyce, and Faulkner, or Scandinavian lit?
Why did I not enjoy the Jurassic 5 show last night--even though half of Providence showed up, ecstatic?

But not too hard.
Spring weekend has arrived The sun has just come out. Funny, huh. Worshipping the sun is such common practice around Providence, where it tends to make itself scarce. People spurn rain and cloud bitterly, and await sunny days for elaborate and drunken celebration. Would people enjoy rain more if it was warm, like a shower? Or, alternatively, if people liked cold showers, would they enjoy the rain more?
I've also been thinking about where words come from. I usually do not hear them in my head, or have any sort of processed idea, before they start coming out. I do not even seem to plan what words I use. Brain Imaging and Language course has offered little clear insight--but that should probably be expected, given the magnitude of this mystery, evermore amplified by the broad brushtrokes of a giant electromagnet.
Ah, this is why I don't write until I have been awake for longer.
Here. I'll teach you a song. Then we'll both feel better.
"Kum kum kele, Kum kum kele"