Friday, June 27, 2003

The first security car, from RISD, rounded the corner of Prospect and College Streets slowly, eyeing a bit our van parked afront the vanWickle gates. But it did not stop. The next car, also from RISD security, passed us slowly, travelled another 50 feet, turned around, passed us again slowly, travelled another fifty feet, then started swerving a bit back and forth, as if the car was making a decision. We scambled a bit to put on a little clothing--some boxers, a towel, whatever was quickly available. Then the car finally turned around a third time, and came to a rest beside our car. A RISD security officer not much older than ourselves came out, and shyly asked us what was going on.
"We were just taking some pictures," Sasha, wearing only a towel, told him.
"Are you Brown students?"
The officer smiled, seemed to be relieved that this was out of his jurisdiction.
"We just received a call that there were some naked people running around the Main Green. But everything seems alright here. I have to admit I was having trouble getting the resolve to stop,you know."
As he was leaving, a Brown security car pulled up beside. As RISD security car two conferred with Brown security car one, a second Brown security car pulled up behind. The Brown security cars, to let us know that they would not be quite so good humored about the situation, turned their floodlights on the van. There were now three security cars surrounding us, completely blocking the otherwise empty Prospect street. We were not concerned, because we had already shot several rolls in color and black and white of us climbing about various famous Brown landmarks, and were quite satisfied with our success.
If the first day of the twentyfirst year is any indication of what dreams may come in the next threehundred and sixtyfour, then put me down as ecstatic to be twenty-one. Morgan played Trimalchio for the evening, an ingathering of arilovers at Brown. There was a bit of "this is your life" quality to it. Corey Jackson rocketed out of the back of my garden with John Neidich. Budish tackled me. Mr. Collier gave me a bouncy ball. Tibet and Rachel brought me oranges and a mango. Royal van D'Erickson crafted a leglet for me out of a twig on the spot. Jared and Chris brought my Bible. Robin Silk-Screened me a tee-shirt. The Roots and the Chili Peppers held court in various rooms of the apartment, but few people heard them--it was too hot to be inside, so most everyone gathered in the yard, to drink rum and eat carrot cake (crafted deliciously by Morgan). The entire evening was a whirling hug. Lucas and Sasha arrived as things were winding down, and spirited Morgan and I away to Lincoln Woods, where we evaded good-natured guards to go for a 4am dip in the lake. Warm and clear. And, as we drove back, we decided since we were already naked, why not...
Soon I will have to tell stories of my adventures with tiny roaring magnetic brainfields; of the sea hair Aplysia, whose rhythms I witnessed single-celled. And of home, ecstacies soon to be had this weekend. le-chaim!