Sunday, December 14, 2003

i am learning a language of shapes
built from two dimentional arrangements
of lines and letters, sometimes dotted above and below
most of the lines are straight
coming at obtuse angles
to corners or letters
the purpose, in this language
at least in my stage of learning it
is not to understand the meaning of any of the shapes
but rather to be able to at once
see the sequenced string of letters emerge from each corner
lift each two dimensional symbol off the page
pull it into three dimensions
rotate it to see it from all angles
piece it together from other far more obscure systems of lines and curves
all the paths that might arrive at that symbol
and all the paths that might depart from that symbol
everything it might have been in the past
and everything it could become
the mechanisms of its transformation
the meaning of each shape
in itself is irrelevant (at least in my stage of practice)
the essence of the practice
is to reveal the maze of all its past and future potential
all of the idenities that hide even a few steps away from it
to see each symbol not as a receptacle of meaning, but as a maze in hiding