Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hineni || Meditation While Running at Sunset
Sawubona ubaba!||I see you father!
Unjani?||How are you?
Ngikhona!||I am here!
Unjani wena?||How are you?
Ngikhona nami!||I am also here!
Sanibona usisi!||I see you sister!
Unjani?||How are you?
I am here
The earth opened herself
Opened her vast green deep
I am here
Here, I am vulnerable
Here, I am beautiful
I am here
Little children rise from the dust before cinderblock mud houses
They run barefoot after me
and I turn and give chase to rapturous screams
Ashrei yoshvei beytecha
Happy praiseworthy the dwellers of your house
And the sun lay down behind a hill and lit it aflame to kiss the smoky clouds above
If the earth swallows all the works of my hands,
like so many handprints in the sand
This will be enough
To say
Sawubona umama
I see you, mother
I am here.


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