Tuesday, April 15, 2003

declaration rising between two waves of pollen in Rock Creek Park, 14 feet from the edge of beach drive.

circumnavigate my liliputian soul
if you can find it
in one of a million ions flowing through
one of tens of thousands of passageways
clefting two of one trillion neurons
(between one tenth of a thousandth of a second and the next tenth of a thousandth of a second)
that bathe happily somewhere above
the sweaty heaving of my fading fatigue "MICHIGAN" tee-shirt
in the two of grass blades
because a two washes easily
into a thousand and a tenth of a thousandth
when was the last time you recognized a thousand or a tenth of a thousandth of anything?
i suspect my statistics professor
he warns us not to dig for buried truth
i would like explore what is
between my two index fingers