Sunday, July 13, 2003

This week, Morgan and I rolled into the Rustic Drive-In on rt146. Morgan tells me it originally only showed "Adult Movies"--now, it shows the biggest features. In an ironic sort of fuck you to surround sound stereo and other hi-tech wizardry of mall multiplexes, the Rustic was featuring all the latest in high-tech movie making on three screens, 12, 9, and 6 o'clock of a large rectangular slab of pavement. The lot was far from even--grass colonies staged uprisings in cracks every few feet or so. Rhode Island arrived at the drive-in in full force. Seasoned drive-in veterans were easy to spot--they brought blankets, stereos, lawn chairs, furniture riggings, roof set-ups.
"Screen-switching" was not allowed, but that mattered little. The screens were spaced just so that if you parked well, you could see all three screens from your car. To watch any of the movies, you could simply switch to the appropriate radio station, and rotate in the proper direction. We watched finding Nemo (so beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL) in front of us and afterward turned around in the back to watch Terminator 3 (why. why?).

I am studying the nunim hafuchim with Rabbi Kirschen, and have also been thinking about the bronze serpent that moses made, but my mind isn't so lucid now, so I should probably write about those and other things later.