Thursday, January 01, 2004

back in the digital playground, hurrah! the break was much needed and well worth it. i feel very proud of myself for stopping everything for a little more than a week. i do way too attempting (however feebly) to fix the situation, reprioritize, and lay sovereign claim to my life once more. do some serious bushwacking, and clear some unscheduled space to relax and enjoy the people i love.
loon lake was pretty good for that. no phone/internet access+no other people + banishment of work materials= lots of time with family.
we walked around, snowshoed, skiied at whiteface, watched movies. I played around on my bass, read spanish poetry and don quixote(i am almost to the end of the first book, but will hold off writing about it until I finish)
last night was about as sweet and mellow as new years gets. max, andrew, johnny, and ari, roaming about suburban maryland. drinking juice. playing nintendo and ping-pong. watching who framed roger rabbit. no deep dark conversations or serious expeditions, just good company and simple's good to be home