Thursday, June 10, 2004

I have a few entries hiding on my laptop, but I will coax them out into the light eventually.
In the meantime, this day was enormous. It began with a 5 mile run/hike/climb/bushwack from my cousin's rechavia apartment to my lab at the hospital, which is in the tuscanic hills outskirting Jerusalem. I got lost, and accidentally climbed the wrong mountain, so it took much longer than I had expected, but that mattered little, the views practically knocked me down from my climb the entire way. My day was mixed between learning about my project, studying the waking of an ancient bacterial community that had been asleep for millions of years in a piece of amber before being called out of dormancy in our lab, and an expedition to a vineyard behind the hospital, built on the ruins of an ancient Bronze Age City, which contained many types of grape species from all over Israel. We collected leaf samples for a grad student in the lab who is mapping the genetic tree of the Israeli grape, and, using seeds from archeological digs, maybe mapping it back to the grapes that made the wines of Jesus and Moses.
This evening, I davened and discussed openings and awakenings with shir yaakov.
I am diving into Jerusalem. My days are so full, I can barely keep up.


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