Friday, October 22, 2004

Last night I saw a film called "A Closer Walk," which aims to empower and mobilize normal people to come to the aid of millions upon millions who are suffering and dying from AIDS. The film features the most powerful and prominent political and spiritual leaders, the most vocal activists, the most commited healers on the front lines of this pandemic. There were no Jews in this film. Why were there no Jews in this film? We are a presence and a power far beyond our numbers in art, in science, in religion, in politics, in media. Why were there no Jews in this film? Why were there no Jews in this film? Why were there no Jews in this film? Why were there no Jews in this film? Hashem is calling us. In AIDS we have an opportunity for tikkun olam on a scale unprecedented. Where are our communities? Where are our leaders? Why are we not on the front lines? When hashem calls us, how can we be so deafeningly silent?


At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zohar teaches that the call to "lech lecha" was broadcast to the whole world. But it was only Avraham who, once tuned into his G-d channel, didn't pretend the call was a dream. He heard it. He moved with it.

Ariwhofeelswithhisbeing, You hear the call.
You are the one moving into that AIDS space, once Jew absent.
Beth writes me from savannah of Tanzania and says, 'this must be gan edan.'
May your healing only come from a place of peace,
May our healing bring us to repair gan edan in all spaces,


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