Wednesday, July 30, 2003

today my brain entered the supercooled helium donut. i wore blankets to cocoon me from the chill, and headphone earplugs to wall out some of the machine's more resonant themes (the model was a 1.5 Tesla Seiman's "Symphony"). The donut sang to the rhythm of an escalator, with the voice of a moaning jackhammer.
The cacaphonus belly of donut was peaceful. I lay motionless to allow the donut's slow brushstrokes to paint my brain. As often happens when I am laying perfectly still, I and everything around me began to rock gently--like a cradle, a hammock, or a ship in harbor. I became weightless, as did everything around me.
I thought it would be uncomfortable or impossible to keep still, but I managed quite well. I have no idea how to explain this, but I actually felt the spin of every atom within me aligning and shifting with the oscillations of the field. Or maybe that was just the pressure of the earphones and the rocking of my ship leaving the harbor...