Sunday, June 20, 2004

My life in Jerusalem has become tuned to a remarkably unique frequency. So far as I know, my position at the Kuvin Center at Hadassah lies somewhere in the ethereal and near-ridiculous nexus of student, "visiting scholar" (for payment purposes), and lab employee. I am, in truth, neither wholly student nor scholar nor employee, and so I have my own little section of the ven diagram all to myself.
My commute, another 2-3 hours of my day, also lies at a unique frequency. My run from the heart of the city to its furthest western edge and back again, a path that I think no one else in the city chooses to run, places me somewhere at the joint of lunacy, perspiration, and meditation.
Besides my run, I spend most of my time with wonderful, interesting people, but I certainly feel solitary in the sense that no apparent community (Jerusalem seems more like a phenomenon than a community at the moment) circumscribes the whole picture of my days. This is perhaps a bit of what I wanted. Time to reflect. To step back a bit. To kick myself a bit loose of the earth I know and love and home myself in.


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