Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I have little to show for my past month of work in the lab here. this despite working full hours, soliciting advice as frequently as possible from my mentors here, and following their counsel closely.  I could put blame on inadequate equipment, on my own inexperience or carelessness, but such an exercise in bitterness does not suit me right now.  I hope  I can contribute something small at least to my lab's research before I fly the scene.I am, in any case taking in what I can from the practice of working here-  Jerusalem puts wings on my wrists and fins on the sides of my feet. The humble practice of living, of learning to be with myself and to do for others, sates me full here. 
 I ran all the way to the lab today and yesterday. The return route I still cannot run in full because there is more steep uphill, but it is coming. I thought that by now I would be cruising 50miles of commute between my feet every week--but sometimes expectations need to be humbled and recalibrated. I know my body better now.


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